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Modern medicine and pharmacology have been alienated from its "cradle" and created a unique motto :

" We are so advanced that today no one can no longer say that is healthy "

According to the principle " all this fit into this " , the same drug is determined for everyone.

Right there is the end of the Hippocratic oath. Even as such, the drug is not determined in proportion to the patient illness, but in proportion to the financial effect, in fact the percentage who receives one whose signature is on the prescription.

So, you are often a witness that they tell you " Take this medicine, it is the same ". In such a way, medicinal plants were sent into the past, and of their healthy composition created a witchdoctors myth on their healing.

Is it so ?

It would be logical that if something is more efficient, that human life is now longer than the life of a man who has been treated by a " taditional " medicine and not vice versa. Over time, we become weaker and weaker. Suffer from the diseases for which we have no more names, and when we turns sixty, we experience a great age. Unfortunately, even the doctors do not recognize or apply the medicinal properties of plants.

Very important is the fact that the pharmaceutical industry forgotten existence of different blood groups in humans.

What is beneficial for one blood type, the other can severely harm.

Our company, for the firs time in the Balkans has made a breakthrought in this area, and has launched on market its products where is at all times of the production were taken care about the patient's blood group which gave excellent results in treating and rehabilitation problems of patients with different types of diseases, even those with a cancerous disease in an advanced stage as in case where the official medicine drops off and declared some of the patients as hopeless cases. All products are certified by the accredited institution JUGOINSPEKT Belgrade and give a excellent results. Also, formulation were agreed with the Pharmacopeia and Monographs of the European Union Commission. In cases of cancerous diseases in the soft tissues ( lung, breast, liver, colon, etc. ) the results of healing are more than a 90 percent.

Thus, for example, recently well-placed Aloe is useful only for people with blood type A. It is important to bear in mind the classification of the medicinal plants according to blood type to: beneficial, neutral or harmful. The success of the herbal remedy can be achieved by their preparation by the " key " and " locks " which refers to herbal remedies and clinical patient. Taking into account overall health status and blood type, we are preparing not only appropriate phyto-products but also the entire therapy which imply ( bath, massage, compress, salve and a constant diet for the duration of the therapy ).

What makes an effective our phyto-products is :






Mileta Manojlović , physics and philosophy teacher, was born in 1945, in Kruševac, Serbia. He has been practising rational phytotherapy for years. He is married and has two children. His daughter is a Doctor of Medicine and lives in the USA while his son holds a Master’s Degree in Economics.

With love and dedication to herbs and phytotherapy, he continues his father’s legacy of helping people.

Additional information on his activities and achievements can be found in a monography The Wizards of Herbs by Branka Đurišić, published in 2011. He participated, as a presenter, in 5th European Congress of Integrative Medicine, which took place in Florence, Italy. He has been a consultant in many publications and journals concerning phytotherapy.





Most medical problems, including insidious diseases, can be cured by using herbs at home. That is why the given solutions can contribute so much.

This is a unique approach to the use of medicinal plants and treatments according to blood types.

The book represents a collection of more than 5000 traditional herbal mixtures and recipes in accordance with pharmacopeia and pharmacognozia. The people who “paid a high price” in struggling against insidious diseases, shared their experiences and all they had learnt along the way. Thus the knowledge gained, is the result of a long and hard research through many generations as well as personal conclusions reached through direct practice.

Apart from those who need practical guidance in keeping or regaining their own health, this can also be a useful textbook for medical and pharmacological students, phytotherapists and anyone interested in natural medicine. Everything mentioned here is applicable, easily re-applicable and verified. The book covers more than 400 diseases and over 200 proper diet recipes for a healthy life. Directly, thoroughly and instructively, it describes other treatment protocols as: baths, massages, wraps, irrigations, inhalations, rinsing, physical activities and reduction diets.

All this together makes the healing process complete in a relatively short period of time.

Apart from its practical usage, the book should initiates new research in the field of phytotherapy, for better and more successful healing, i.e. health.

Use the book- Treat yourself to health.